Display Space

Display Space, Bulletin Boards and Space for Distribution of Free Publications

The New Westminster Public Library is committed to making available a variety of materials of interest to the community. Accordingly, the Library provides and maintains a bulletin board and space to display and distribute community posters and pamphlets regarding meetings and events in the local area, and free materials of educational, cultural, recreational and informational content. The display or distribution of items is subject to space availability and the following conditions:

  • The Library does not endorse or support the aims or objectives of groups whose posters or materials may be displayed, and assumes no responsibility for the content.
  • The Library is not required to post or distribute all materials submitted.
  • Due to limited space only one copy of an item will be posted.
  • The Library reserves the right to remove posted items or free materials at any time.
  • Items to be posted or distributed must be submitted to the Librarian at the Inquiry Desk for approval. Materials posted or deposited without prior approval will be removed.
  • Materials will be posted and removed by library staff.
  • Materials will be posted as space and staff time permits.
  • Any material given to the Library becomes the property of the Library; materials will not be returned.

Priority will be given to postings as follows:

  • New Westminster Library events
  • New Westminster City Departments
  • New Westminster Community events & groups
  • Literary or Book related events in New Westminster and the Lower Mainland
  • Arts, theatre, cultural, educational & social events for New Westminster and the Lower Mainland
  • Lower Mainland community groups

Use of a library meeting space (Plaskett Room, Auditorium) does not automatically include the privilege of posting material or the distribution of related literature.

All materials must clearly identify the organization responsible for the contents.

Acceptable materials:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community or local events
  • Community information
  • Licensed group or family daycares
  • Information and calendars from public universities and colleges
  • Educational courses/programs from institutions recognized by the Private Post-Secondary Educational Commission of British Columbia
  • School Board Continuing Education brochures
  • Arts, entertainment or cultural notices
  • Political notices of all-party or all-candidates meetings

This list is not comprehensive and receipt of material does not guarantee its approval and display.

Unacceptable materials:

  • Commercial solicitations, or advertising for personal profit profit, except for licensed daycares
  • Individual advertising for profit (personal instruction or lessons)
  • Personal notices/advertising (i.e. for rent, pets, garage sales, etc.)
  • Petitions
  • Solicitation of donations
  • Questionnaires
  • Notices of religious meetings
  • Political material for individual political parties or candidates
  • Material which omits or does not prominently display essential information such as name of organization, date, time, place, or fee
  • Items which are not legible, nor neatly designed or executed
  • Any material that contains foul language or is racist, sexist or advocates violence towards any person or group
  • Materials which could violate the BC Human Rights Act, Charter of Rights, or the Criminal Code of Canada.