Gifts and Donations

Gifts of books or other materials are welcomed on the condition that the Library has complete jurisdiction over their disposal.

Donated items may be added to the Library's collection, distributed to other libraries and institutions, sold at Library book sales or discarded.

Print and Non-Print Materials
Library materials in any format will be accepted for the collection after they have been examined by the appropriate staff, and if they meet the general collection development policies as previously outlined.

Items that are not added to the collection will be disposed of at the Library’s discretion, including through the ongoing or annual booksale.

The Library Board will not issue receipts for income tax purposes for donations of library materials.

Cash Donations

The Board accepts donations of cash and can issue receipts for Income Tax purposes to donors. Donations can be made to specific funds (e.g. Board Reserve Fund, Esther Paulson Staff Development Fund, New Westminster Public Library Endowment Fund) or for specific purposes subject to Board approval.

The Library Board will issue receipts for Income Tax purposes for any monetary donations over $10.00.

Donations and bequests with conditions attached are accepted if the conditions are acceptable to the Board.


Art Donations

The New Westminster Public Library currently owns artwork that may be displayed in the Library or be stored for future use. From time-to-time the Library is offered gifts of artwork, including paintings, photography, textiles, and three-dimensional works such as statuary. When considering the suitability of a donation, the Library will use the following criteria:

  • The artist or the subject of the work has a direct connection to New Westminster
  • The gift is in good condition and does not require any restoration or repair
  • Paintings or other items intended to be hung are framed or suitably prepared for hanging or display
  • The Library has space to display or store the work

When a decision has been made that a work of art is suitable for the Library’s collection, the Donor must agree on the following conditions:

  • Gifts must be unconditional, transferring ownership and all rights of ownership to the library.
  • Gifts are accepted only with the understanding that the Library has the right to determine retention, location and other considerations relating to the use or disposition of the donated gift.
  • The Library may display the gift or not.
  • The Library may sell the item and use the proceeds for any purpose appropriate to the library’s mission.
  • The Library may transfer ownership to any other person or agency it deems appropriate.

The Library will not supply Income Tax receipts for donations without an appraisal by a recognized Art Appraiser. Donors are responsible for having their gifts appraised for Income Tax purposes, and the cost of any appraisal must be borne by the donor. Only appraisals that are not more than 12 months old will be accepted. No appraisal is necessary if the donor does not need an Income Tax receipt.

Before any donation of artwork can be accepted by the Library, a Donation Form must be signed by the donor and the Chief Librarian or the Chairperson of the Library Board. The Donation Form transfers ownership of the gift to the Library, and clarifies the conditions of this policy.

The Library reserves the right to refuse a donation that does not meet the collection criteria or the previous conditions.