Library Exhibit Space

Exhibit Space

Works of art are displayed in several areas of the Library:

  • The Circulation Department ramp gallery
  • On pillars and walls
  • On free standing display panels and in display cases throughout the building.

The Library cooperates with individuals, groups and organizations to bring a wide variety of art to the attention of Library visitors.

Because the Library is first and foremost a library rather than an Art Gallery, and is open freely to people of all ages, works of art are selected for viewing by the general public. The Library does not attempt to compete with, or duplicate, the displays of municipal or commercial galleries.

Space provided in the Library for exhibits is public space for which there is no charge. The Chief Librarian is the Curator and is responsible for the scheduling, choice of artists and the work displayed. Artists are expected to abide by the Library's rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in loss of subsequent booking.

Regulations and conditions for exhibits are set by the Board from time to time and will be made available at the time an exhibition is scheduled.