Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms @ Your Library

The Library’s two meeting rooms (the Auditorium and the Plaskett Room) are available for groups at no charge to achieve the goals of increasing community awareness of the Library and to provide this community with a variety of informational, educational and recreational programmes, services and facilities.

The Library’s meeting rooms serve the purpose of providing locations for programmes and meetings sponsored by the library, and by local organizations and groups. Their use publicizes the location, services and resources of the library.

Priority of Use
To achieve the most effective use of rooms and to ensure that local interests are properly served, the following priorities have been established:

i. Auditorium

  • Programmes sponsored, co-sponsored or initiated by the Library
  • Public programmes of a broad general nature sponsored by local organizations or groups
  • Public programmes sponsored by single interest groups
  • General meetings of local organizations or groups
  • Others

ii. Plaskett Room

  • Library Board and staff meetings or training
  • Meetings and programmes sponsored, co-sponsored or initiated by the Library
  • Meetings of local organizations or groups
  • Others


The Library’s meeting rooms are primarily for meetings conducted, initiated or co-sponsored by the Library. Under certain conditions, when the rooms are not required by the Library, they will be made available free of charge to local organizations for meetings and public programmes of a scientific, artistic, literary, civic or educational nature provided these are not for commercial purposes.

Meeting rooms may not be used by political or religious groups, nor by commercial organizations for introductory meetings intended to lead toward future financial gain.

Permission for the use of the meeting rooms does not imply Library endorsement of the users, their beliefs, or their activities.

The Board sets regulations and conditions for the use of these rooms from time to time. These will be made available to groups at the time of booking. Groups booking rooms agree to abide by regulations set for their use. Failure to follow regulations will result in suspension of booking privileges.