Mission & Goals

Library Mission Statement

The New Westminster Public Library is a tax-supported service that endeavours to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of New Westminster residents.

The Library gathers, organizes, integrates and disseminates past and present ideas, facts, and creative insights to enable individuals, regardless of age, background, or position, to meet the requirements of a changing society.

Library Goals

To match Library facilities, resources and services to the particular needs and interests of New Westminster residents.

To provide informational, educational, cultural, and recreational materials in diverse forms for the enrichment, self-development and enjoyment of New Westminster residents, and to organize these materials for optimum use.

To provide a knowledgeable, well-trained and responsive staff in sufficient numbers to maintain a high level of service.

To make New Westminster residents aware of their Library's resources and services.

To co-operate actively with other libraries and community agencies in order to share resources and broaden the scope of the Library's services without duplication of effort.

To be a responsible public employer in dealings with the staff of the Library.