SPARK New West: Improve Workplace Communication
October 17, 2018
October 17, 2018

Come join us for this free collaborative learning series for small businesses and entrepreneurs from the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce and the New Westminster Public Library.  We'll read, watch, listen and learn from pre-circulated articles and videos on relevant business topics and then meet to discuss and learn from one another.  Each session will include a list of additional books and content available at the library if participants want to know more!  It's informal and easy.


SPARK will meet on the third Wednesday of every month for a brown bag lunch, except for December July and August.  We have chosen topics for our first sessions that are important for any business or organization:  self-evaluation, communication, and marketing.


For future sessions, we will take feedback and request from participants to curate topics that are relevant and useful to the New Westminster business community.


To register and for more information, please visit the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce here:


Session #2:  Improve Workplace Communication

Effective and efficient communication is critical to the productivity of any team.  Share strategies with other local business owners to improve communication in your workplace.


Sessions are held at the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce:  #201-309 Sixth St., New Westminster.