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New Westminster, B.C. – The New Westminster Public Library launches a new, redesigned version of its website.

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Following a recent renovation and upgrade to its Main Branch, the library is now gearing up for a long-awaited overhaul to its electronic branch, with a newly redesigned website launching Monday, July 8. In addition to a much-needed refresh to the overall look and feel of the site, the new nwpl.ca has been redesigned with mobile users and an increasingly diverse community in mind. Features include a new, robust events calendar, improved access to the library’s many online products and services, as well as increased integration with the library catalogue.

“Our old website passed its best-before date some time ago. With our new site the goal is to provide users with a level of functionality that is visually appealing, rich in both content and features, while also being scalable across a range of devices and emerging technology,” said Adam Farrell, Manager of Technology & Technical Services at the New Westminster Public Library.

The redesigned website helps usher in a new chapter in the library’s history, embracing a forward-thinking vision and commitment to the changing needs of its users, especially when it comes to accessing technology. Unlike a physical branch, the library’s electronic branch provides 24/7 access to a range of content and services such as downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines. The new website delivers a richer platform in support of personal and professional development. Users can learn a new language, research an appliance, or learn digital photography, whether it’s 4 PM or 4 AM. The new website also provides more efficient access to the ever-increasing demand for online content like streaming movies, podcasts, and other types of digital media.

“Our new website aims to meet the demand for content and services that are increasingly sophisticated, timely and relevant,” says Farrell. “This site also puts us on sure footing both now and into the future as formats and technology continue to evolve.”

The library plans to roll out most of new website on July 10, while introducing new features like online registration for programs and events in the fall, once the transition from the old site has been completed. The library invites everyone in the community to visit the website and discover their library all over again.

About The New Westminster Public Library

The New Westminster Public Library supports 70,000 local residents through its Main and Queensborough branches. It also provides collections and services to people from across Metro Vancouver through reciprocal lending agreements.

The Library gathers, organizes, integrates, and disseminates past and present ideas, facts and creative insights to enable individuals, regardless of age, background, or position, to meet the requirements of a changing society.

More information about the organization, events, and initiatives can be found on the Library’s website at www.nwpl.ca

Media Contact

Adam Farrell BA / MLIS / MAS
Manager of Technology & Technical Services
T:  604.527.4665
E: afarrell@nwpl.ca