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BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper Links to hundreds of sites that will help with your homework.

Grade 12 Provincial Exams

Choose your subject, month, and year. Practice before you have to write your exams.
Khan Academy

The Khan Academy allows students to create goals and track their progress in a full range of sciences, maths and humanities topics.

SparkNotes Study Guides

Notes on literature, drama, poetry, as well as subject areas like math, chemistry, and astronomy.

TED Lessons

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? What's the difference between poison and venom? This site answers these questions and more with short videos on a variety of topics.

Crash Course

A series of short videos on history, literature, science, and more.

Explora Canada

A searchable collection of resources from EBSCO databases on a variety of subjects of interest to students.

Bartleby: Great Books Online

Free access to reference books and literature.

Research and Citation Resources

Learn how to conduct research properly and cite your sources.

Merriam-Webster Web Dictionary Offers a dictionary, thesaurus, and a Spanish/English dictionary.

Oxford Dictionaries

Sign up for word of the day emails, use a dictionary, and see how the English language has changed over time.

Atlas of Canada

You won’t believe the variety of maps of Canada available here!


A collection of testimonials from survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides.

The World Factbook

Contains up-to-date information on countries and territories around the world.