Suggest a Purchase

The New Westminster Public Library welcomes suggestions for additions to the collection. Please check our library catalogue first to ensure that we do not already own the item you are suggesting.

The library does not purchase all recommended titles. Below, please find some details about how we make our purchasing decisions.


We can now place a hold on the item you have suggested on your behalf. Please note. at this point in time, we can’t place holds on e-book suggestions.

Complete the form for the item(s) you would like us to acquire. Include your contact information if you would like us to hold the item for you – but keep in mind that the $1 charge for all holds not picked up applies in this case as well.


Bestseller lists

You can count on the library to order books by popular and bestselling authors. For example, titles that appear on bestseller lists or that are reviewed in the national media will be automatically ordered. Check the catalogue periodically and place your hold when it appears.

Titles older than three years
Usually, titles older than three years are not purchased. The library does not consider suggestions for out-of-print titles sold by antiquarian or second-hand retailers. 

You may request to borrow older, specialized or out-of-print items from another library through an interlibrary loan.

Incomplete series

You are welcome to suggest already published titles to complete or fill gaps in a series. When deciding whether to purchase a series title, staff will consider:

  • Whether the series is named or defined by the publisher;
  • Whether there is established and ongoing demand for the series;
  • Whether the remaining titles of the series are available for purchase.


Movies on DVD

The library generally buys movies that have had box-office success after they have been released to DVD. Please check the catalogue regularly for those titles and place your hold when you see them appear.

The library also buys movies that have had critical acclaim but limited theatrical release. Often these movies can be harder to identify and you are encouraged to bring the films to our attention.

TV series on DVD

The library will buy a selection of titles and will give priority to those TV series no longer available for viewing on television.

Documentaries and How-To DVDs

The library buys a range of informational or documentary DVDs and you are encouraged to make suggestions for such titles.

HD and Blu-Ray

The Library will not be buying movies in HD or Blu-Ray format at this point in time.