Newspapers & Magazines

You can view the Periodicals List by Title, Subject, Multilingual Titles, and Newspaper by Location.


While most magazine titles can be borrowed, some magazines and all newspapers cannot be taken out of the library.

How to Place a Hold for Titles

  1. Use the list above for information about the titles.

  2. Copy and paste or type the title in the box below; then click "GO".

  3. To place a hold you need to enter your library barcode number and your PIN (last 4 digits of your phone number)

  4. *Please note that you cannot place holds for individual issues at this time. Please see a librarian to place a hold on a particular issue of a magazine.*


If you prefer, bring the list in and we will be happy to help you place a hold.




Newspapers on The Internet

  • Looking for historical newspaper indexes? click here to go to the newspaper indexes on our heritage website,