The library has a small collection of preloaded eReaders that may be borrowed for 21 days. Check our library catalogue for availability details.

  We've refreshed our Kobo collection and starting Dec 4, 2018 we're offering Kobo Aura ONE ereaders preloaded with new titles!

Borrow a Kobo Aura ONE eReader and enjoy a selection of preloaded books from several genres. You can also download additional titles from our Library2go and Freading collections.

Borrowing Information:

  • Valid NWPL card (some restrictions apply)
  • 1 Kobo Aura ONE per library card at one time
  • For availability, please search our library catalogue using the keywords "Kobo" or "ereader"
  • Loan period is 3 weeks, with renewals
  • Return the Kobo to staff during open hours (don't use the book drop).

Kobo eReader Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I request an eReader in the catalogue?

Enter the keywords 'Kobo' or 'eReader' in the search box and click 'Search'.  Place a request as you would for any other library materials. You will be notified when the Kobo is available.

2. How does the Kobo work?

We provide user instructions in the kit when you borrow the eReader and you can contact us for additional support.

3. Does the eReader have books already on it?

Yes, each of our Kobo ereaders is preloaded with 40 titles (fiction, mystery, non-fiction, fantasy or youth titles). However, users can download more titles if they wish.

4. How can I download more titles to the Kobo I borrow from the library?

Users can download additional titles from the Library2go (OverDrive) and the Freading collections. In order to transfer downloaded eBooks to your Kobo, you will need:

For OverDrive:

  • an Overdrive account (library card and email address are required to register)
  • Kobo Aura One has OverDrive built in, which means that users can access the collection directly from the ereader and download titles automatically, without the need of any addition software or equipment
  • please note that a small amount of unique OverDrive titles won't show automatically on the Kobo's built-in OverDrive feature and would have to be transferred manually using a computer and ADE

For Freading:

  • Free software, Adobe Digital Editions authorized on your home computer (PC or MAC)
  • See details on Using ADE
  • The Kobo will then need to be authorized to use with this software. Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and follow the prompts provided to authorize it.

5. What happens with the titles that I download to the Kobo?

We will reset the Kobo when it is returned to the library.

Kobo Aura One Help:

Complete User Guide:

How to use OverDrive on your Kobo Aura ONE:

Adding books to your ereader using ADE: