Storytelling through podcasting at NWPL!

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2023 – a year of podcast meetups

The Library began its adventures with podcasting in 2022 when it held a three-part series introducing podcasting to the community. The program was so well received that the Library decided to purchase podcasting equipment and make it available for the community. Six months later when we started a regular Podcast Meetup, the community responded. Local folks started arriving to the meetup eager to learn about the process and the equipment. With the help of J.J. Lee and Daniel Huespe, people were able to get help refining their concept or story line while Daniel demonstrated myriad ways to record and edit the resulting stories. Some people came once, learned enough to get them started and carried on on their own and others continued to come throughout 2023, expanding their knowledge and producing episodes. This page celebrates the learning that the New Westminster community has undertaken this year and the stories they have wanted to tell.

Listen to my conversation with Ginny Ayers and Daniel Huespe about the work they have been doing with Ginny’s journey into podcasting!

A special shout out to JJ Lee and Daniel Huespe


Both JJ Lee and Daniel Huespe joined the podcast meetup in January, 2023 when it was first launched. They bring a range of audio and video recording and editing experience and both inspired our community when they participated in our Podcasting 101 series held at the Library in Spring, 2022.

As 2023 progressed, both JJ and Daniel became key contributors to our podcast meetups. Daniel has spent many hours helping participants understand and gain experience with equipment setup, recording and editing. JJ continues to bring his gift for writing and storytelling to people who are in the process of formulating the plans for their podcasts. JJ works with participants to draw out their ideas and help them conceptualize and realize the stories they want to share. He has also been instrumental in showing people ways to record and edit their files.

The Library and the community are extremely grateful to both JJ and Daniel for their remarkable contribution to building community through podcasting at NWPL and we are looking forward to another creative year with them and the many other community members who have shown an interest in podcasting!

Podcasts underway authored and produced by meetup folks!

Civic Treasures with Judith Berlin

Judith attended the Podcasting 101 series in Spring of 2022 and brought an idea forward to the Podcasting Meetups. She wanted to capture the stories of those who go largely unseen but work day-to-day making New West the wonderful city that it is. Civic Treasures shares interviews with a variety of characters who are part of the fabric of daily civic life in New West.

The following episodes are in draft format and are not yet released as full podcast episodes.

Stand Up Eight – Lenore Rattray’s Story of Survival – produced by J.J. Lee

J.J. Lee has attended the podcast meetup since its inception and has been a contributor in many ways, most of important of which is helping others develop and refine their podcast stories. From initial concepts to outlining specific episodes, J.J.’s assistance has been invaluable. He worked with Lenore Rattray who shared her story in the early days of the meetup. J.J. has been kind enough to let us post a trailer of the final product!

Stand Up Eight is the story of the abduction and 9-day captivity of Lenore Rattray. Stand Up Eight is her personal account of survival, living with trauma/PTSD, and how she her past experiences have impacted her life both professionally and personally, especially as a mother to her young daughter.

The following recording is fully-edited and released on popular podcast platforms.

Hacky Sack Chat with Ginny Ayers

Ginny joined the Podcast meetup at the beginning of 2023 and worked with J.J. Lee and the group to develop her idea for podcast about the richness of life that results from soil – dark, moist, rich, life-giving and life affirming soil. Ginny was originally intimidated by the podcasting technology but with help and guidance from Daniel Huespe, she has become a tech wizard when it comes to wiring up for a recording session!

Talking with Fen with Fenella Fownes

Fen joined the Podcast meetup in the Spring and came with a number of ideas, one of which we are sampling here.

The following podcast trailer is under review and has not yet been finalized for release!

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