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Home Library Service

If you can’t get to the library, the Library can come to you!

If you are unable to access library services due to a print disability or mobility challenges, we can help. Our staff can select materials and deliver them to your home on a regular schedule, ensuring you always have something to read, watch or listen to. If you require adaptive technologies, our staff can help determine the best way to meet your needs and ensure you get an appropriate device and books that you love.

The library defines print disability and mobility challenges as follows:

  • Print Disability: A print disability is one that prevents or inhibits a person from reading conventional print.
  • Mobility Challenge: We define a mobility challenge as an illness, injury or disability that prevents a person from visiting the library or carrying library materials.

For more information about these services please call 604-527-4650 or e-mail

We would be happy to answer your questions, and get you set up for any services that would help.

Resources for people with a disability

Library materials in different formats

The library also has a variety of materials for those who have difficulties with conventional print.

  • Large Print Books: The text in large print books is 30-40% larger than conventional print sizes, making it easier for those with sight impairment.
  • Books on CD: We have a large collection of fiction and non-fiction on CD. You will need a CD player to use these materials.
  • Books for the Daisy Reader: The library has a number of Daisy Readers for loan. These players allow you to play books from MP3 discs. The players have button/voice feedback for those with visual impairment.
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Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)

The Centre for Equitable Library Access, CELA, is an accessible library service, providing books and other materials to Canadians with print disabilities.

Please contact the library for more information 604-527-4650

National Network for Equitable Library Service

NNELS is a collection of digital files in accessible e-text and audio formats for Canadians with print disabilities.

Please contact the library for more information 604-527-4650