The New Westminster Public Library welcomes suggestions for additions to the collection. Please check our library catalogue to ensure that the Library does not already own the item you are suggesting.

The Library does not purchase all recommended titles. Please visit the FAQ page for more information on what we are most likely to consider.

Usually titles older than three years are not purchased. Older, specialized or out-of-print items may be requested through interlibrary loan. The library does not consider suggestions for items not yet published or released.

New We can now place a hold on the item you have suggested on your behalf. Please indicate below whether you’d like to reserve the item or not but keep in mind that the $1 charge for holds not picked up applies in this case as well.

To suggest a purchase, please send an email to (include your name, library card number, title, author, and any other relevant information) or submit the form below:

If the Library is able to purchase your suggestion, would you like us to place a hold on the item using the library card number provided?

Thank you for your submission.

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