NWPL Introduces Podcast Service

Beginning May 17, 2023, the New Westminster Public Library is launching an exciting new podcast recording service that will make it possible for members of the community to record and share their own stories and ideas through the creation of their very own podcasts.

Podcasting has grown in popularity in recent years with more than 8,000,000 Canadians enjoying a host of podcast topics ranging from comedy, local issues and politics to true-crime, health and fitness. Community members will be able to access equipment, make use of a newly modified ‘recording room’, and produce their own podcasts right in the main branch of the library, for free.

“As a library we want to make sure that we reflect the times we are in and ensure that emerging technology and services are made available to our community – especially those who may not otherwise have access.” Says Jorge Cardenas, Chief Librarian. “Libraries are not just about warehousing stories, but also about creating and sharing them in new and original ways. Podcasting is a great example of that.”

In preparation for the launch of the podcasting service, the library has created a number of podcast kits containing microphones, cables and hardware, as well as a set of how-to guides to help get people started. The library has also modified the 2nd floor Gallery Room with noise reduction and sound baffling features to help optimize the recording experience. The recording space can be booked ahead of time and can accommodate recording of up to four individuals at a time.
Since January, 2023 the Library has been hosting a Podcast Meetup group on the first Wednesday of each month. The drop-in program, open to novices and experts alike, provides a space where the community can generate ideas and share the latest in podcasting tips and tricks. With the launch of this service, the library looks forward to offering more programs designed to help community members learn to create their own podcasts from conception to broadcast.

Anyone wanting more information about Podcasting at NWPL can contact the library at 604-527-4665, email askus@nwpl.ca or check out the website at www.nwpl.ca/podcast. Contact: Liz Hunter at 604-636-4342 or lhunter@nwpl.ca