Library Governance

The New Westminster Public Library is governed by a Library Board constituted under the terms of the Library Act of British Columbia.

The Library Board is composed of the Mayor of New Westminster or a member of City Council selected by the Council, and six additional members selected and appointed by City Council. The Chief Librarian is ex-officio Secretary to the Board.

The Board determines and adopts policies governing the services and operation of the Library determines the purpose of the Library and seeks adequate funding to carry out approved goals and objectives appropriate to achieving the Library’s purpose.

The Board has exclusive control of funds provided for Library purposes from the City’s general revenues, from direct grants from other agencies, from donations, bequests, fund development or any other source.

The Board appoints a Chief Librarian.

The City Councillor on the Library Board is appointed for a one-year term which can be renewed. All other Trustees are appointed for a two-year term, which can be renewed up to a maximum of 8 years.