Ukulele Collection!

Did you know, the NWPL now has ukuleles you can borrow from the library?

It’s true! We now have a sizeable collection of ukuleles (both right and left-handed models) available for borrowing with your NWPL card.

Each ukulele kit comes with a ukulele (soprano model), case, tuner, and booklet to get you started. If you want more instruction, check out a method book or a song book from our print music selection to go along with your ukulele.

You can check out a ukulele at the desk at the Main Branch, or if all the ukes are being played by other people, place a hold through the catalogue and you’ll be next in line. If you’re in Queensborough, place a hold and we’ll send a ukulele to the branch there for you.

You can borrow a ukulele for 3 weeks and renew it, just as you would a book, so long as no one else is waiting for one.

How to learn ukulele

The ukulele is a great instrument for beginners – children and adults! If you have children in the house, we recommend checking out an instrument for parents as well, so you can learn together! Learning an instrument can be a challenge and it helps kids to know that parents need to work hard at it too.

Aim to practice 5 minutes a day – doing a bit every day helps reinforce those new neural pathways which make playing easy!

Anyone can strum, but kids younger than about 7 years old might have a hard time pressing their fingers on the strings for chords.

We have lots of books and other resources to learn to play , or you can check out the LinkedIn Learning course with your NWPL card to learn online.


When you’re ready to return your ukulele, please bring it in to the desk, either at the main branch or at Queensborough. Please don’t drop it through the book chute and don’t return it to another library.

Tell your friends, and talk to us!

If you find playing the ukulele fun, it’s 100 times more fun with other people! Tell your friends and get them to borrow a ukulele too!

We want to know what you thought of the ukulele and how you enjoyed playing it. We’ve put a little survey in each ukulele case which you can fill in on the paper or online.