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Additional resources

Citizenship Information for New Westminster : PDF Handout of information relevant to New Westminster

Discover Canada: Basic information on preparing for the Citizenship test; also available in MP3 format.

My Canada: Learn about Canada and practise citizenship test questions using interactive learning modules! NAS Software available ( Login Requirements: Library Card ).

Top Resources
  • Learning English in New Westminster: List of English Language learning classes offered in New Westminster
  • Learning Software: Prepare for job interviews, learn English, improve your study skills, or practice citizenship test questions using interactive learning modules! NAS Software available: Business Writing, Issues in English, It’s Your Job, My Canada, Study Skills Success. Login Requirements: library card.
  • Rocket Languages: Language learning program that lets you learn Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Sign Language. Modules can be downloaded and played on your MP3 player. [Login Requirements: create an account with your library card, and then login with email and password.
ESL Resources
Foreign Credentials & Employment

Canada’s Federal Election, October 21, 2019

The next general federal election (Canada’s 43rd) is scheduled to take place on or before October 21, 2019. The previous election was held on October 19, 2015. The information below is designed to help you to find information on a variety of topics related to the current and past Canadian federal elections. We would like to acknowledge and thank our colleagues at the Vancouver Public Library for the research and preparation of these resources.

Current Political Parties:

The five federal parties that won seats in the 2015 election and their leaders are:

An additional seat in parliament is held by Maxime Bernier, who resigned from the Conservative Party in 2018 to found a new political party, the People’s Party of Canada.

A complete list of all registered political parties with contact info and links to official party websites can be found on the Elections Canada website. Specific details about each party’s electoral platform can be found on their respective websites.

Election and Results:

To identify the federal electoral district in which you reside, use the Voter Information Service  search box on the Elections Canada home page.  Visit the Voter Registration Service Portal to find out if you are registered to vote, update your address, or register online to vote.  Results will be posted after the election.

2019 Party Leader Debates:

The recently created Leaders’ Debates Commission will be organizing 2 debates, 1 in English and 1 in French. They are tentatively scheduled for October 7th (English) and October 10th (French), and will air on a number of Canadian networks as well as being available to stream for free online.

News coverage:

There are a variety of news outlets covering Election 2019 which include:

Immigration Support
  • Legal Aid Immigration line: Refugee claimants and those facing immigration proceedings that may result in deportation may call 604-601-6076 or 1-888-601-6076 (no charge).
  • Canadian Immigrant: Newsfeed and publication, with links to current information, advice, stories, trends, and guides.
  • Welcome to Canada: Information for newcomers.
  • WelcomeBC: Welcome to British Columbia provides information about immigrating to British Columbia.
  • NewToBC: Supports the planning, development, promotion, and delivery of library-based and other settlement services for newcomer immigrants and refugees.
  • Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia: Provides a supportive environment for newcomers to Canada of all backgrounds and its goal is to meet their settlement, English language, and employment needs.
  • MOSAIC: A registered charity serving immigrant, newcomer and refugee communities in Greater Vancouver.
  • Pacific Immigrant Resources Society: A community-based, non-profit organization serving immigrant and refugee women and their young children since 1975.
General Support
  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S.: One of the largest social service agencies in BC.
  • Fraserside Community Services: A multi-service agency that supports people needing housing, seeking work, and/or living with developmental disabilities, mental health or substance use issues, or low income.
  • Community Services Asset Map: This map will help you to find out about community, settlement and social services in your city.
Top Resources
  • Job Freeway: Only accessible within the Library – the online version of the Job White Pages.
Labour Market Information
Legal Reference & Educational Resources
  • Clicklaw: Understand how the legal system in BC works, and find answers to common legal questions as well as referrals to legal help and lawyers.
  • Clicklaw Wikibooks: A selection of legal publications that can be read online or downloaded as PDF or EPUB: JP Boyd on Family Law, Legal Help for British Columbians, Consumer Law Wikibook, A Death in Your Family, Tenant Survival Guide, etc.
  • BC Laws: A searchable database for BC Bills, Statutes, Regulations, Debates, and Gazettes.
  • Duhaime’s Law Dictionary: A plain-language dictionary by a Victoria, BC lawyer.
  • Family Law in British Columbia: Includes self-help materials, family law by subject and advice on resolving family law problems.
  • Dial-a-Law: Practical information on BC law topics.
  • Law Student Legal Assistance (LSLAP) Manual: Comprised of approximately 1000 pages of legal information, divided into 23 chapters. The manual is easy-to-use and provides quick answers to many legal issues.
  • Legal Aid Immigration line: Refugee claimants and those facing immigration proceedings that may result in deportation may call 604-601-6076 or 1-888-601-6076 (no charge)
  • Legal Services Society: Provides informative, online LSS legal publications, legal aid details and the toll-free hotline Lawline, and LawLink which has links to current, relevant legal sites.
  • People’s Law School: Public legal education and information for the people of BC.
  • Vancouver Justice Access Centre: Useful site if you are representing yourself in court.
  • BC Centre for Elder Advocacy & Support: Includes free downloadable resources, information on Elder Law clinics, and how to contact the Seniors Advocacy and Information Line (SAIL).
Legal Services
General Interest
  • Elderpost: Information about services, buy and sell, used and or free equipment. Also includes volunteer opportunities. For older people and their caregivers. Comprehensive site.

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