NWPL Gifts & Donations


The Board accepts donations of cash and can issue receipts for Income Tax purposes to donors. Donations can be made to specific funds (e.g. Board Reserve Fund, Esther Paulson Staff Development Fund, New Westminster Public Library Endowment Fund) or for specific purposes subject to Board approval. Donations and bequests with conditions attached are accepted if the conditions are acceptable to the Board. 

The Library Board will issue receipts for Income Tax purposes for any monetary donations over $10.00.

Please contact the Chief Librarian for further information.

Print and Non-Print Materials

The Library is no longer able to accept book and media donations as we do not have the space to store them. Please contact these other organizations to arrange your donation: 2023 Places to Donate Books

Items donated to the Library despite our not being able to accept them may be added to the collection after they have been examined by Library staff. Donated items that are not added to the Library’s collection may be distributed to other libraries and institutions, sold at Library book sales, or discarded.

The Library Board will not issue receipts for income tax purposes for donations of books or other materials.


The Library Book Sale is ongoing. The books are located on the main floor on low shelving in the Adult Fiction area.