April 11, 2024 New Westminster Public Library is excited to announce the launch of a revamped, city-wide literary festival. The newly coined Bridges Literary Festival will be held May 9 – 12 in partnership with local businesses and organizations. “We are so thrilled to provide the opportunity for local residents to celebrate and connect over […]

Welcome to the library, Carolyn, we’re so happy you’re here! Can you tell us a bit about your connection to New Westminster? New West is a special place for my family! My parents got married here and my mother spent most of her nursing career here as well. And I had one of my first […]

The New Westminster Public Library is very pleased to announce that the Carbon Dioxide Monitors are now ready to borrow! CO2 monitors are super easy to use and provide interesting and accurate information for users about the concentration of CO2 in the air, which can be a useful tool to understand ventilation in an indoor […]