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UPDATE: August 5, 2020:

As of August 4, 2020, the Main Branch of the library is open to the public, however, we will not be displaying works in our gallery spaces for the foreseeable future.

Please see our Reopening page for hours of operation and available services and check back periodically for updates.


Is your work current and original? Do you work in two-dimensional media, such as painting, drawing, or photography?  If so we would love to see your work.

Scroll to bottom of this page to access our submission form! 


New Westminster Public Library provides space for art exhibits reflecting the diverse cultural interests of the community. We currently offer an accessible space for artists working in two-dimensional media, such as painting, drawing or photography on our 2nd floor, Upstairs Art Space.


Each year we select art through a Call for Artists, broadcast in Summer/Fall of the previous year. The Call for Artists runs from August 15 to October 15 (check back soon for submission details).  A Community Art Selection Committee ensures the community and library’s interests are echoed in the works selected for exhibit. The Committee is comprised of one library trustee, library staff, and members of the community who are active in the creative arts in their personal or professional lives. A set of criteria is used to guide selection of work to exhibit each year.  Our selection process ensures that we represent the varied community interests and artistic talents of New Westminster and beyond.

Selected artists are given one-month showings. Priority is given to exhibitors who live or work in the City of New Westminster and we encourage any artist or group who exhibited previously to apply.

NOTE: Submissions cannot be for work that has already been showcased in New Westminster in the preceding 12 months, nor (upon acceptance) be displayed in any other New Westminster gallery during the exhibiting year.

To learn more about what is required of artist’s exhibiting please read the Exhibition Guidelines below.


Exhibit space at New Westminster Public forges a creative dialogue with the community, brings attention to local art and creates new opportunities for artists in our city. It is an accessible space and open to artists working in two dimensional media. The Community Art Selection Committee uses the following criteria in the selection and approval of exhibits. All works must be:

  1. responsive to the diverse interests of the entire New Westminster community;
  2. original;
  3. suitable in scale, material, form, subject and content for the library environment;
  4. consistent with the principle of respect for the dignity and worth of all people;
  5. not intended as advertisements or solicitations for recruitment, business, political campaigning or fund-raising; and
  6. ready for display/hanging.


To ensure exhibitors have a positive experience, we have compiled the following guidelines (click here for printable copy) to outline the responsibilities of artists exhibiting at the Library.

By accepting a booking to display their work all artists agree to these rules and conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:

Works of art may be offered for sale, with prices established by the artist. The Library will not serve as a liaison for selling exhibited art or collect commission. The artist is responsible for providing contact information to communicate with the public for any sale. Works that are not available for purchase must be designated “NFS” (Not for Sale). Works sold must remain on exhibit throughout the designated period.

Works are hung by the artist only on the burlap area on the 4 Double-sided 53″ wide x 67″ high panels in the Gallery area. Works must be hung during the 1st two days of the month and taken down by end of day on the last day of the month or before if the last day falls on a statutory holiday.

Art must be display ready in order for works to be protected and well-cared for in the Library:

  • Paper pieces framed;
  • Canvases, if unframed, have finished edges;
  • If artwork is in a non-traditional format or left unframed/unfinished by design, the artist must present ideas on how to display on the art wall;
  • Each piece should be labeled on the back with name of artist and title of piece for easy identification: and
  • Exhibitors are responsible for the delivery, installation and removal of their exhibits, as well as the means for hanging their work (picture hooks, chains, etc).

The Library will print the artist and/or exhibition statement and labels.  NWPL will provide pins to hang the artist and/or exhibition statement and labels. The library requires a copy of these items a week in advance of the scheduled exhibit to proof these items.

New Westminster Public Library, the City of New Westminster and the New Westminster Public Library Board and employees have no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to works while they are being displayed in the library. We strongly suggest that you insure your work for any loss, theft or damage during your exhibit at the library.

The Library reserves the right to cancel or change show dates for any reason and has sole and final choice of artist’s works for hanging based on space considerations and the appropriateness of works for display in a public building. Exhibits will be evaluated within the context of the public space and its users. The Library may require the removal of any item during the period of the exhibit. To avoid potential issues, artists are encouraged to share the work they plan to hang in advance.

The Library will issue press releases and promote art displayed at the library on our website and through our social media channels.  Any information and images provided by the artist in their art submission may be used for the promotion of the exhibit.

The Library cannot accommodate exhibit openings.

The New Westminster Public Library currently owns artwork that may be displayed in the Library or be stored for future use. From time-to-time, the Library is offered gifts of artwork, including paintings, photography, textiles, and three-dimensional works such as statuary. When considering the suitability of a donation, the Library will use the following criteria:

  • The artist or the subject of the work has a direct connection to New Westminster
  • The gift is in good condition and does not require any restoration or repair
  • Paintings or other items intended to be hung are framed and suitably prepared for hanging or display
  • The library has space to display or store the work

When a decision has been made that a work of art is suitable for the Library’s collection, the Donor must agree on the following conditions:

  • Gifts must be unconditional, transferring ownership and all rights of ownership to the library.
  • Gifts are accepted only with the understanding that the Library has the right to determine retention, location, and other considerations relating to the use of disposition of the donated gift.
  • The Library may display the gift or not.
  • The Library may sell the item and use the proceeds for any purpose appropriate to the library’s mission.
  • The Library may transfer ownership to any other person or agency it deems appropriate.

The Library will not supply Income Tax receipts for donation without appraisal by a recognized Art Appraiser. Donors are responsible for having their gifts appraised for Income Tax purposes, and the cost of any appraisal must be borne by the donor. Only appraisals that are not more than 12 months old will be accepted. No appraisal is necessary if the donation does not need an Income Tax Receipt. Before any donation of artwork can be accepted by the library, a Donation form must be signed by the donor and the Chief Librarian or the Chairperson of the Library Board. The Donation Form transfers ownership of the gift to the Library and clarifies the conditions of this policy.

The Library reserves the right to refuse a donation that does not meet the collection criteria or the previous conditions.

Please note: The Arts Council of New Westminster also considers art donations from local artists. More information can be found here:

Our annual Call for Artists interested in exhibiting their work for one month during 2020 is open. Expressions of interest can be made by completing all fields in the form below. Artists selected to exhibit will be notified by November 15, 2019. On receipt of your complete application, an acknowledgement will be sent via email. Successful artists will be required to submit a promotional image and exhibit statement upon notification of acceptance to exhibit.

We are not able to accept paper and in-person submissions.

Estimated Timeline:

August 15, 2019: Call for Artists launched
October 15, 2019: Deadline to submit applications
Mid-October, 2019: Exhibition Selection Committee meets
Mid-November, 2019: Exhibition dates confirmed, contracts signed and returned
January – November, 2019: Exhibition schedule

All inquiries should be directed to



  • Please describe your work, a little bit about yourself, and any information about what informs your work.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png.
  • For those who are interested, we invite a written proposal (maximum 200 words) for a public presentation/program to be hosted and presented by the artist at the New Westminster Public Library. The presentation/program would take place during regular open library hours, on a Wednesday evening, during the month of the exhibit. Examples could be an event such as an artist talk, or a theoretical or technical seminar, etc.